No Mercy for Concrete

For the last 5 years, I’ve been traveling yearly to various states across the US to meet up with amazing artisans from all over the world. Epic, Plan B, Concrete Designs School, and the Mendo Mini Campout and Boat Build. At all these events, pieces have been made that take concrete, steel and wood to extraordinary new levels of artistic expression and design. Whether it’s concrete boats (that actually float) to designer furniture, there is always a unique project to work on, and a rewarding experience to learn from.

Now rewind to a few months back – I asked a buddy that I met at Plan B if he wanted to help with a job I had coming up…Nothing extreme, just a few days installing custom flooring that I could use an extra pair of hands on. Somehow we started talking and I started getting calls from my other friends and experts in the field, people I know from other concrete events and more… Now, somehow, a week away from the actual job, more than 6 elite concrete artisans from across the Country are joining me to play around in the mud for a few days prior to when a few of us will actually go do the job that started this all. Although the original job has taken a back burner to the event, I’m excited to see how this all will continue to unfold. I’m grateful to Blendhouse Concrete who has made a generous donation of GFRC for us to play around with. I still don’t understand how this all even happened or where it will go but I can’t wait to see what we can do in three days with this concrete and what ends up stemming out of this unexpected collaboration of talent! Will this somehow become a regular thing? How big of a project is too big? What can’t we make out of concrete with this much experience in one location? These workshops are a sign of all of our desire to continue to grow and learn our crafts and to push our own limits as well as help push each other’s limits so that we can all be the best we can be in this still relatively new field.

The folks involved:
Cranium Construction,
Concrete Alternatives,
Surface Form,
VC Studio Inc.,
Stone Flow,
Dave Grech (Trueform),
& Yours truly, SouthBound Designs!

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